Flower Bombing

Hi guys!

So yesterday I got a call from Jane (long time family friend) and she asked if I could make something for her Aunty & Uncle’s 50th wedding Anniversary. Not having any other commitments on my Saturday (except finish a TAFE assignment and work at 5:30) I jumped at her request!

Her briefing was to get red and white carnations and make a statement piece for the party they were throwing to celebrate the wedding Anniversary. Why red and white carnations? They were the flowers used in the bride and bridesmaids bouquets 50 years ago on their wedding day.

Driving home from the markets after buying 12 bunches of carnations I was suffering from florists block. “What am I actually going to do with 12 bunches carnations?!” Carnations are so beautiful because of their simplicity and their variety of colors. Yet they can get overshadowed when there are so many other beautiful flowers to choose from. Or sometimes, if not arranged properly they may look lost in an arrangement. So I was trying to think of an arrangement that would emphasize the carnations beauty and not make them look “meh”

I then remembered that I had a few oasis balls at home I’d been meaning to use for weeks now. I thought making a flower ball (AKA flower bomb) would be an effective way to emphasize the beauty of the carnations. I consulted with Louise (Jane’s cousin and host of the event) to make sure she liked the flower bomb idea. She said, “Go for it!” Half an hour later we had this!

red & white carnation ball

I hope this ball brings back fond memories for the couple that got married 50 years ago. I’d love to hear what flowers bring back special memories for you.

Here is a list of the materials needed and method if you would like to have a crack at this yourself.


  • 12 bunches of carnations (your choice of colors)
  • Florist scissors
  • Medium floral foam ball
  • Vase (support the ball)


  1. Fill up a sink or bucket with water then drop the floral foam ball into the water. You will know that it is fully soaked when the ball sinks to the bottom.
  2. Push the floral foam ball onto the vase so that it is secure.
  3. Cut the carnations on an angle and so the stems are only very short (roughly 5cm long) then firmly slide the stem into the ball. Make sure you evenly distribute your colors (if you are using more than one color) and be sure to not have any foam showing.
  4. To water and freshen flowers, give the flowers a good spray of water every 1 -2 days depending how hot the weather is.

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend! xx